TURNAROUND is a naturally derived product that contains a source of viable yeast and naturally occurring microorganisms, organic chelating agents and chelated food grade vitamins and minerals along with enzymes, herbal and non-herbal ingredients.  TURNAROUND FEED SUPPLEMENT can be used as a top dress on your feed or mixed in a complete feed ration

TURNAROUND is oats that are coated with flavored soybean oil and the OXI–POP ingredients added; giving this product additional fat to help in the conditioning of the animal.

– Stimulates the Immune System (lgG: specific immunoglobulins)
– Reduces the Use of Growing Factors
– Increases Stamina and Endurance
– Improves Muscle Development
– Reduces the Use of Medication
– Improves Daily Weight Gain
– Better Feed Conversion
– Enhances Body Condition
– Improves Energy Levels
– Enhances Appetite
– Reduces Stress

200 day supply


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